We build, maintain, and leverage your #1 business asset: first-party data.


To drive compounding returns for brands and create the best customer experiences through world-class email & SMS marketing.


To elevate the global quality of life by enabling brands to reach the right people on the right channel at the right time with the right information.



Integrity means being honest with others and honest with yourself.

In everything we do, we: 

  • Nail the details.
  • Build with patience.
  • Ensure everyone involved is seen and heard.
  • Embrace ownership of our work.


Optimism means we understand the goals of our clients and how our skills will achieve those goals. When we’ve done the work to connect the dots, we can be confident in our execution.

In everything we do, we:

  • Believe in our expertise.
  • Believe in the potential of our clients.
  • Understand our role within an organization and contribute our best work.


Originality means we understand the only way we can drive growth for our clients is by challenging the status quo.

In everything we do, we:

  • Identify and solve root problems.
  • Engage in fearless, independent thought.
  • Speak up for the interests of our clients.
  • Account for cognitive biases and data biases.
  • Bring fresh work that carries over learnings.



Ben Billups has been in performance marketing for nearly a decade. 6 startups. 2-time founder.

Ben's work spanning ecommerce, edtech, and news media, has culminated into a unique strategic perspective that combines the efficiency of gorilla marketing with the robust outcomes of enterprise solutions.

Currently he works with a variety of brands generating tens of millions of dollars for his clients. Ben is also an award-winning filmmaker and photographer.

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