VMI Sports

How we doubled email & SMS revenue for this supplement brand in just 4 months.


VMI Sports was looking to replicate their impressive success in retail distribution with a more advanced direct-to-consumer strategy online. Our team was brought in to identify VMI's top opportunities, implement a variety of key strategies, and provide strategic support for key promotions.


Set up key automations

We identified over 12 missing automations, causing VMI to lose out on sales. By quickly implementing these automations, we were able to increase interactions with high-intent customers, which drove compounding incremental value for the brand.

Accelerate list growth

We improved VMI's existing on-site opt-in units to bring in more email & SMS contacts. In addition, we brought in advanced identity resolution technology to accelerate VMI's list growth and assist with firing off key abandonment automations.

Performance marketing email content

Using our unique process for creating performance marketing content in the inbox, we were able to dramatically improve VMI's email content to improve the click through rate and drive more conversions.

Advanced promotional strategies

Using our tried-and-true "infinity messaging model," we were able to increase revenue from promotional periods without "shredding the list" or landing in spam.


2X Increase in Email & SMS Revenue Overall

10X Increase in List Growth

128% Increase in Black Friday/Cyber Monday Revenue Year Over Year