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The Dallas Express

We tripled The Dallas Express' newsletter list size while improving their inbox placement from 70% to 98%+


The Dallas Express, in a previous attempt to rapidly scale their email list within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, damaged their sending reputation and email deliverability. Through their own efforts, they managed to recover enough to land in spam just 30% of the time.

DX came to our team looking for both improved deliverability and sustainable list growth.



Critical to preserving deliverability, we introduced key audience segments to include in the rotation of newsletter sends. If a contact doesn't engage with newsletters from DX for an extended period of time, they receive less frequent communication. With this simple change, we were able to drive down unsubscribe and spam complaints, making room for more new list growth.

New data channels

The Dallas Express has solid site traffic. We introduced identity resolution tools that enabled DX to collect email address based on that site traffic. Apart from opt-ins, data collected using this tool was our healthiest source for list growth.

Cold data prospecting

In addition to opt-ins and identity resolution, The Dallas Express was still interested in re-incorporating the data they originally sourced (nearly 1 million records).

To start, we put DX on a safe growth trajectory by introducing that data into the list with low doses.

When DX was interested in growing more aggressively, we set up an entirely separate prospecting environment (with separate domains and IP addresses) to identify contacts likely to engage with more content from DX.

Sourcing more & better data

We worked with a variety of different data vendors to scope out new lists that would be ideal for DX content. We then would run this data through the prospecting environment, and if contacts engaged, they would be migrated to the primary environment. These contacts were the best performing of all the cold data sets we worked with for DX.


Inbox Placement Improvement from 70% to 98%+

Core List Growth from 200k contacts to 600k